2021 Mhlathuze Madwaleni, Eswatini

Population: 1500 peopleDaily Traffic: 1500 people (250 children)Span: 42.0m In 2021, EIA-Toronto Chapter is working hard to design a 42m span footbridge in partnership with McGill University. The design consists of with two tiers on either side of the footbridge and is located in the community of Mhlathuze Madwaleni, Eswatini, making this the first projectContinue reading “2021 Mhlathuze Madwaleni, Eswatini”

2020 Villa Florida, Bolivia

Population: 250 peopleDaily Traffic: 250 people (80 students)Span: 78.0m In 2020, the EIA-Toronto Chapter had the opportunity to be apart of the largest student collaboration ever! This year the University of Toronto, the Chapter of Iowa, University of Virginia Tech and the University College London were able to custom design a 78m span footbridge forContinue reading “2020 Villa Florida, Bolivia”

2019 Lipez, Bolivia

Population: 1840 peopleDaily Traffic: 200 peopleSpan: 47m In July of 2019, EIA chapter members from the University of Toronto and the University of Western Ontario completed their collaboration with local communities and constructed a pedestrian footbridge near Lipez, Bolivia. The Lipez Pedestrian Bridge is located in the Cochabamba district of Bolivia, 412 km south-west ofContinue reading “2019 Lipez, Bolivia”

2018 Gonchu Mayu, Bolivia

Population: Not AvaliableDaily Traffic: 140 peopleSpan: 60 metres This year’s project took place in the municipality of Colomi in the Cochabamba Department of Bolivia. The completed bridge benefits 3 communities in total: Tablas Monte, 10 de Octubre, and Pinon Pampa. Within the last 3 years, 5 people have been injured with 3 fatalities due toContinue reading “2018 Gonchu Mayu, Bolivia”

2015 Chimore, Bolivia

Population: 500 peopleDaily Traffic: 80 people (50 students, 30 adults)Span: 90 metres Our chapter’s first project serves the community of Chimore in the Cochabamba District of Bolivia. The bridge spans 90 metres and serves a community of 500 people. The expected traffic on the bridge is 50 students and 30 adults every day. The designContinue reading “2015 Chimore, Bolivia”

2017 Chillcani, Bolivia

Population: 30 FamiliesDaily Traffic: 45 people (20 students)Span: 38 metres Our chapter’s bridge project serving the communities of Chillcani, in the Cochabamba district of Bolivia. The bridge spans 38 metres and serves a community of approximately 30 families. The expected traffic on the bridge each day includes students, families, and livestock. As agriculture is theContinue reading “2017 Chillcani, Bolivia”

2016 Patzula, Guatemala

Population: 1,900 peopleDaily Traffic: 800 people (45 students)Span: 33 metres The Patzula Pedestrian Bridge is located in the municipality of Joyabaj (El Quiché department) in the Western Highlands region of Guatemala, about 60 kilometres northwest of the capital, Guatemala City. The bridge spans approximately 33 m to connect two communities located on opposite sides ofContinue reading “2016 Patzula, Guatemala”