2019 Lipez, Bolivia

Photo of Travel team June 2019

Population: 1840 people
Daily Traffic: 200 people
Span: 47m

In July of 2019, EIA chapter members from the University of Toronto and the University of Western Ontario completed their collaboration with local communities and constructed a pedestrian footbridge near Lipez, Bolivia.

The Lipez Pedestrian Bridge is located in the Cochabamba district of Bolivia, 412 km south-west of Sucre, the nation’s capital. Close to 2000 people from Lipez and the other surrounding communities within the district will be served by the bridge, which is expected to carry 200 users daily.

The bridge spans 90 m over the Convento River, which is impassable for nearly half the year in the rainy season between November and April. The bridge provides communities with crucial access to the local market, school, hospital, and agricultural lands during these times.

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