2018 Gonchu Mayu, Bolivia

Population: Not Avaliable
Daily Traffic: 140 people
Span: 60 metres

This year’s project took place in the municipality of Colomi in the Cochabamba Department of Bolivia. The completed bridge benefits 3 communities in total: Tablas Monte, 10 de Octubre, and Pinon Pampa.

Within the last 3 years, 5 people have been injured with 3 fatalities due to unsafe access. We hope that the Gonchu Mayu project will change this going forward. The bridge spans approximately 60m over the Gonchu Mayu River, directly serving over 140 community members to provide safe access to resources.

Project Updates:

August 2018

After months of preparation and two months of hard work in country, B2P UofT is proud to announce the completion of our third bridge project! We would like to thank everyone’s support and dedication these past few months: The in country travel team, the B2P team back home in Canada, and especially to all our incredible sponsors for making this bridge a success. The completed bridge was celebrated with a lively inauguration ceremony hosted by the community in late July which brought the team and all the communty members together one last time.

July 2018

Our travel team is about one month into the bridge build! They arrived in Cochabamba in early June along with the Western University tag-along team and have since made tremendous progress for the bridge over the Gonchu Mayu River. So far, all the bridge excavations and tiers have been complete. The team is working hard with the community and enjoying the cultural immersion.

June 2018

The team has just landed in Cochabamba! The journey continues as they travel from the city into the community and get settled in. Wishing them all the best!

April 2018

The team has been hard at work this year putting together all the components needed prior to sending a travel team to the community. Preliminary designs and project background was developed early this year and approved through review calls with the B2P parent organization’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB). The bridge design has also been substantially completed and reviewed through TAB calls. We are currently working through the finishing touches things like material quantities, developing the in-country risk management plan, and preparing to train the travel team for the bridge build.

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