2017 Chillcani, Bolivia

Population: 30 Families
Daily Traffic: 45 people (20 students)
Span: 38 metres

Our chapter’s bridge project serving the communities of Chillcani, in the Cochabamba district of Bolivia. The bridge spans 38 metres and serves a community of approximately 30 families. The expected traffic on the bridge each day includes students, families, and livestock. As agriculture is the main source of income for many families, this bridge will connect them to markets in the larger towns of Anzaldo, Cliza, Punata, and the city of Cochabamba.

The May 2017 travel team included 7 University of Toronto Students, 2 University of Alberta Students, and 6 Bridges Corps members who kindly dedicated their expertise and time for the trip. Students were on-site for 25 days heading excavation, anchor setting, abutment construction, through to decking. The team was hosted by the community and spent their free time hiking and bonding with community members.

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