Welcome to EIA – Toronto
Student Chapter!

We are a multidisciplinary student group at the University of Toronto that volunteer to construct and design footbridges for rural communities located in South America and Africa. We are dedicated to raising awareness and creating a local and global impact!
Since 2015, we have constructed a total of 7 footbridges!

Who are we?

Formerly named Bridges to Prosperity, our University Chapter comes the parent organization Engineers in Action – Bridge Program. Our students are determined to use their academic background and the expertise provided by EIA to bring footbridges from design to construction. Throughout the year we also host a multitude of events on campus engaging students, industry members, and alumni.

Our Mission…

is to bridge the gap of isolation in developing communities through the strategic design and construction of footbridges

Our Vision…

is of a world where a lack of adequate infrastructure does not contribute to global poverty

Our Values…

are human rights, professionalism, equality, education, innovation and excellence.

Why Bridges

Imagine having your access to education, food, or healthcare be governed by the height of a river. During the rainy season, many communities around the globe are faced with impassable waters. High water lines further isolate these communities from vital resources and economic opportunities. With a focus on sustainable global development and community engagement, each pedestrian footbridge project provides the communities we work with safe access for the entire year.